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wangkiky - Gio Ott 11, 2018 7:21 am
Oggetto: Engraving machine vacuum pump
The engraving machine vacuum pump is a professional design for woodworking adsorption, glass adsorption, metal adsorption, etc., which is based on woodworking CNC engraving adsorption requirements, combined with the comprehensive parameters of water ring vacuum pump and CNC engraving. It requires vacuum adsorption and vacuum traction. A vacuum negative pressure device for vacuum lifting and vacuum intermittent feeding.[url=https://www.antsalliance.com/news/Best-vacuum-pump.html]Best vacuum pump[/url]
The engraving machine vacuum pump has a main negative pressure power source water ring vacuum pump, vacuum check valve, silencer and liquid barrier, solenoid valve, air switch, filter, water bath dust tank (user optional), circulating water tank, pipeline and valve.[url=https://www.evpvacuum.com/rotary-vane-vacuum-pump.html]rotary vane vacuum pump[/url]
The engraving machine vacuum pump is widely used for vacuum adsorption of thin and smooth metal products, glass, paper, MDF, wood, plexiglass, pvc board, etc. It can also be used in vacuum casting of gold and silver jewelry, with temperature dipping, aluminum alloy wood grain transfer and other industries.[url=https://www.evpvacuum.com/dry-vacuum-pump.html]dry vacuum pump[/url]
Second, the use of engraving machine vacuum pump:
1. The suction port is connected with the suction pipe of the engraving machine, and the sealing is strictly carried out to prevent leakage.
2. Start the machine for the first time and use a screwdriver to move the motor fan to ensure that the impeller is not stuck.
3. Connect the motor power supply and adjust the running direction to match the standard.[url=https://www.evpvacuum.com/p-en-86-KT_series_oil_diffusion_pump.html]KT series oil diffusion pump[/url]
4. Fill the water tank with water until the water level overflows.
5. Open the valve to the pump and wait for three minutes to ensure that the working fluid flows into the pump.
6, start the motor, the vacuum pump starts working, and the adsorption table produces an adsorption effect.[url=https://www.evpvacuum.com/Vacuum_Pump.html]Vacuum Pump[/url]
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