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Parole al Vento - Antibacterial floor

qizhenapp - Ven Ott 19, 2018 8:08 am
Oggetto: Antibacterial floor
High-temperature experimental vacuum furnace is mainly used in ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemical industry, machinery, refractories, special materials, building materials, universities, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do powder roasting, ceramic sintering, high-temperature experiments, material treatment, quality colleges, scientific research institutes, industrial and mining enterprises to do high-temperature atmosphere sintering, atmosphere Reduction, CVD experiment, vacuum annealing, etc.
The main functions and characteristics of high temperature vacuum atmosphere furnace are:
1. The control system of the equipment is safe and reliable, easy to operate, high temperature control precision, good insulation effect, wide temperature range, high temperature uniformity, many temperature zones, optional atmosphere, vacuum furnace type, etc.
2. Options: vacuum tube furnace, atmosphere tube furnace, ordinary tube furnace, rotary tube furnace, multi-station tube furnace, split tube furnace, integral tube furnace, vertical tube furnace, horizontal tube furnace, single temperature zone tube furnace, double temperature zone tube furnace, multi-temperature zone tube furnace.
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