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qizhenapp - Ven Nov 09, 2018 5:43 am
Oggetto: Antibacterial floor
The structure of concrete distributor pump truck is shown. It is mainly composed of chassis of special truck, concrete pump, mixer, screen separator, distributor, concrete distributor valve and leg.
Concrete distributing valve
Concrete distribution valve is the key part of concrete pump truck. It should meet the requirements of smooth pumping, fast switching, effective sealing, preventing concrete overflow, and low suction resistance.
Commonly used concrete distribution valve has gate valve, tube valve and rotary valve three kinds.
The working principle of gate valve is shown in Figure 2. There is one gate at the hopper outlet and one at the pump outlet. The position of the two gates is controlled by two hydraulic cylinders with hydraulic interlocking. In the figure, the concrete cylinder 1 is in the discharge state, the gate 2 is in the left position, and the inlet and outlet 3 of cylinder 1 is blocked, while the inlet and outlet 8 of cylinder 9 opens the suction material. The gate 7 is in the right position, and the discharge port of the cylinder 1 opens the feed, and the discharge port of the cylinder 9 is closed. When the discharge of cylinder 1 is completed, the two hydraulic cylinders are simultaneously operated by electro-hydraulic control. The gate 2 moves to the right, the gate 7 moves to the left, the cylinder 1 starts to suck, and the cylinder 9 starts to discharge, thus completing a work cycle.
The instantaneous separation part is sealed by pumping pressure and suction pressure. When the wear of the spool valve is gradually aggravating, this pressure also acts as an automatic adjusting valve plate. Gate valves are applicable to various formulations of concrete.
The pipe valve is not only the concrete distributing valve, but also the component of the concrete conveying pipe. Its form mainly has S shape distribution valve and skirt valve.
The skirt valve is shown in Figure 3, which is installed in the hopper. Because its structure looks like a gorgeous skirt, it is named after it. It is precisely because of this shape that when the gate valve swings back and forth, it joins the concrete cylinder 1 and the concrete cylinder 4 in turn and presses the concrete. It can achieve instantaneous balance and automatically adjust the position within the entire wear range. Because the concrete is squeezed when the skirt valve swings, it will react to the skirt valve to synthesize an axial extrusion force, thus achieving a reliable seal. In addition to pumping concrete, this gate valve can also transport other dilute fluids.

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