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qizhenapp - Gio Set 07, 2017 4:09 pm
Oggetto: Antibacterial floor
<p>process, imitation wood appearance realistic. 3, six surface waterproof moisture treatment. 4, CNC balance, not Alice, the same type, stable. Second, the scope of application of ecological wood flooring Ecological wood flooring not only and the general floor can be used for the kitchen, bathroom, bathroom, as well as outdoor courtyard, plank road, garden floor has been swimming pool and other places, but also can be used in water environment, Some of the </p>
<p>water in the landscape and the need for waterproof facilities, with the most excellent waterproof performance. In addition can also be required according to the needs of the flooring products designed for use. Ecological wood flooring the advantages and scope of application, home Xiaobian to share over, I hope to understand the ecological wood flooring help. For more information on decoration materials, please continue to focus on home decoration network.Pure </p>
<p>solid wood flooring is stronger than carbonated solid wood flooring, it keeps the natural properties of solid wood, you can really adjust the indoor environment of the temperature and humidity, and thus by many consumers of all ages. Many users are very concerned about the price of solid wood flooring, the following we together to understand the classification and price of solid wood flooring. First, the classification of solid wood flooring 1, carbonized solid wood </p>
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