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Parole al Vento - Antibacterial floor

qizhenapp - Mar Gen 30, 2018 8:21 am
Oggetto: Antibacterial floor
<p>At present, the mainstream conic series products in the domestic market include: spring (simons) taper, multi-cylinder hydraulic taper and single cylinder hydraulic taper, etc. The equipment has good performance, and the unit price is high, ranging from RMB 200,000 to RMB 5 million. In the past 10 years, with the development of science and technology, economic development and policy guidance, efficiency, safety and environmental protection have become the mainstream trend, and the multi-cylinder and single-cylinder hydraulic conical beer is gradually welcomed by users.</p>

<p>There are six main parts of the hydraulic cylinder of multi-cylinder: (1) the lower part of the frame: the main spindle guide pin; (2) eccentric sleeve: eccentric gear with large bevel gear; (3) transmission part: axle sleeve of transmission shaft small bevel gear; (4) support sleeve: support sleeve lock cylinder lock nut; (5) adjust the ring part: adjust the ring and the wall of the mill; (6) moving cone: the body crushing wall hammer head ball. The auxiliary part is composed of electrical system and thin oil lubrication system.</p>
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